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The life energies and spores released by Botaan's' destruction caused many new forms of plant life to arise, but also settled on and weakened the bodies of the magnaron pieces of the colossals just as the colossals had been pieces of Grond.
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Gewapende grond Wikipedia.
De betonelementen worden verankerd met stalen strips die door middel van wrijving de horizontale krachten op kunnen nemen. Deze strips worden op het achterliggende grondlichaam in opbouw gelegd, waarna de grond aangevuld wordt en derhalve de wrijving tussen de strips en de grond ontstaat.
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Grond Approaches the Gates of Minas Tirith. In Peter Jackson s film The Return of the King, Grond has fire spewing from its carved jaws and the Great Beasts pulling it are four huge rhinoceros-like creaturesIn the book only called the great" beasts.
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Grond battering ram Tolkien Gateway.
It is told that Grond had been induced with" spells of ruin" During the Siege of Gondor, Grond was drawn to the Great Gate by" great beasts" and was wielded by mountain-trolls. Grond means very" weighty and ponderous" in Sindarin.
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LOTR: The Return of the King Grond YouTube.
LOTR: The Return of the King Grond. Unsubscribe from Darth Darth? Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Need to report the video? Sign in to report inappropriate content.
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Grond-grondraket Wikipedia.
Een grond-grondraket is een al dan niet geleid projectiel dat vanaf de grond wordt afgevuurd naar een doelwit eveneens op de grond. De raketlanceerder kan draagbaar zijn of op een voertuig of schip gemonteerd zijn. De eerste grond-grondraket was de Fieseler Fi 103, beter bekend als de V1-kruisraket, die door Duitsland werd ontwikkeld tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog.
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This term is used because a boner is shaped similar to Grond from Lord of the Rings long and hard and also because the word grond" is similar to grind." I gronded a chick last night when we went clubbing and it was like my pants were on fire!
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Xtreem Music Years active.: Photo from left to right: Konstantin Kist" Kovalenko, Danila Dust" Dyachkov, Raze, Daemorph. Fallen Angel" on Seven" Burning Churches A Tribute to Possessed" by Dead Center Productions / More Hate Productions. See also: Act of God.
Grond Hammer of the Underworld Tolkien Gateway.
Grond, called the Hammer of the Underworld, was Morgoth s mighty mace that he bore when he fought Fingolfin before the doors of Angband. Each time Grond struck the ground it shook the land like a bolt of thunder, creating pits from which smoke and fire erupted.

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