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Informats: MMDDYY Informat 9.2.
However, if you use delimiters, place them between all fields in the value. Blanks can also be placed before and after the date. Note: SAS interprets a two-digit year as belonging to the 100-year span that is defined by the YEARCUTOFF system option.
Informats: Definition of Informats 9.2.
To remove the dollar sign and commas, before storing the numeric value 1000000 in a variable, read this value with the COMMA11. Unless you explicitly define a variable first, SAS uses the informat to determine whether the variable is numeric or character.
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Informats: VARYING Informat 9.2.
If length-variable is greater than 0 but less than w, SAS reads the number of columns that are specified by length-variable. Then SAS pads the value with trailing blanks up to the maximum width that is assigned to the variable.
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Informats: Informats by Category 9.2.
MDYAMPM w.d Informat. Reads datetime values in the form mm-dd-yyyy AMPM, where a special character such as a hyphen, period, slash /, or colon: separates the month, day, and year; the year can be either 2 or 4 digits.
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Informats: Using Informats 9.2.
informat with the variables Birthdate and Interview.: informat Birthdate Interview date9; input @63 Birthdate Interview.; An informat that is associated with an INFORMAT statement behaves like an informat that you specify with a colon: format modifier in an INPUT statement.
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QUOTE Informat: SASR 9.4 Formats and Informats: Reference.
Removes matching quotation marks from character data. specifies the width of the input field. 8 if the length of the variable is undefined. Otherwise, the default is the length of the variable. input @1 name quote7.; Copyright SAS Institute Inc.
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Informats: COMMA Informat 9.2.
d informat converts an open parenthesis at the beginning of a field to a minus sign. The COMMA w. d informat operates like the COMMAX w. d informat, but it reverses the roles of the decimal point and the comma.
Informats: TODSTAMP Informat 9.2.
w must be 8 because the OS TIME macro or the STCK instruction on IBM mainframes each return an eight-byte value. The TODSTAMP w. informat reads time-of-day clock values that are produced by IBM mainframe operating systems and converts the clock values to SAS datetime values.
Informats: B8601DZ Informat 9.2.
This argument is optional. UTC values specify a time and a time zone based on the zero meridian in Greenwich, England. The B8602DZ informat reads datetime values that are specified in one of the following ISO 8601 basic datetime notations.:
DATE Informat: SASR 9.4 Formats and Informats: Reference.
is a two-digit or four-digit integer that represents the year. You can separate the year, month, and day values by blanks or by special characters. Make sure the width of the input field allows space for blanks and special characters.

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