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Alcohol Induced Persistent Dementia Alcohol Rehab.
The prognosis for alcohol induced dementia depends a great deal on how early the condition is caught. Those individuals who quit their addiction before the condition has had a chance to progress too far will have the best chance of a full recovery. Those who persist with alcohol abuse and a poor diet will reach a stage where the dementia will become a permanent fixture in their life. The way to treat alcohol induced persistent dementia involves.: Complete abstinence from alcohol. Fixing any nutritional deficiencies not only thiamine. The individual will need to stick to a balanced diet in the future. Those individuals who have developed more serious dementia may benefit from drugs such as Memantine. This medication does seem to improve cognitive functioning for some people with alcoholic dementia.
Alcoholic Dementia Alcohol Rehab.
It is the poor diet of the heavy drinker that is the main cause of alcoholic dementia and not the alcohol directly. Nerve cells require thiamine to do their job and a chronic lack of this vitamin leads to problems. The Symptoms of Alcoholic Dementia.
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Alcohol-related brain damage including Korsakoff's' syndrome Alzheimer's' Society.
Alcohol-related brain damage ARBD is a brain disorder caused by regularly drinking too much alcohol over several years. The term ARBD covers several different conditions including Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome and alcoholic dementia. None of these is actually a dementia, but they may share similar symptoms.
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Alcohol-related dementia Wikipedia.
Alcohol-related dementia can produce a variety of psychiatric problems including psychosis disconnection from reality, depression, anxiety, and personality changes. Patients with alcoholic dementia often develop apathy, related to frontal lobe damage, that may mimic depression. 4 People with alcoholism are more likely to become depressed than people without alcoholism, 5 and it may be difficult to differentiate between depression and alcohol dementia.
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